Salisbury n Wilton English Independent Massage

Located in wilton, sp20dr. I offer English Independent Massage in Wilton and Salisbury.

I Offer a Full Service Massage

What can I do for you?

Work done well, with a personal touch. That’s our commitment

we are located in Salisbury city centre , at our pop up location , the best parking is brown street car park as it’s a very short walk. But we are only there limited times and days.

I am located in wilton on Shaftesbury road sp20dr

I am located here most days from 9am -2pm and by appointment from 6pm – 9pm week days

And 10am – 9pm weekends

you can park on the street at no cost

My job starts with you: understanding what you need, so i can offer you options that make sense.

Products and Services

Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Im here to help.

Im always happy to talk about how i can best serve you.

opening times

9am -2pm and then 6pm – 11pm weekdays

9am -11pm Friday Saturday

Sunday 9am – 3pm

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